Dear Dr Oetker

I am writing to you today with a proposition which I believe would be of mutual benefit to you and my team. I have written the idea for a film called Where You Bin? It is a feel good romantic comedy. My friend Grant has already made a poster for it using Photoshop so our costs have already been reduced. Grant is also a director and has access to a camera, so things are looking good on the technical aspects. The problem comes as with most creative endeavours in the funding. As you can see in the poster we have cast Sandra Bullock in this film. We are pretty confident she will be in it; it is gentle fun especially after the gruelling physicality of Gravity. I think she might be expensive to hire, I don’t know if she charges per line or if she has a day rate or if we need to just pay an overall fee. These are questions I hope to get answers for when I find her agent. I feel like this conversation would be easier to hold if I could tell the agent I have the backing of not only a food giant, but also a Dr. My friend Erika is in charge of marketing and has strategies which would guarantee your involvement would generate nothing but positivity. I’m not sure how I ended up knowing Grant and Erika we seem to fall into each others lives walking in circles. Not literally. Well that only happened once.

I guess you are wanting to know a little about the actual project and how this may be relevant for your business. So here is a brief synopsis.

Where You Bin

It is 1987. Sandra Bullock plays an aspiring restaurateur called Sally Sampson. She inherits the family business, a nice little pizzeria. She wants to take it to a fine dining level. Sally Sampson is lost and doesn’t know who she really is.

In order to make the place attractive to yuppies she buys lots of square plates, but this move alienates the old crowd who can’t deal with the pizzas flopping over the sides. With an abundance of food going to waste a tramp is regularly caught filling up. Sally Sampson hates the tramp. His name is Derrick Jones, he was once a doctor who lost his confidence following the death of his mothe, which made him realise he couldn’t actually keep people alive. Sally Sampson really hates him, but one day the head chef quits and a big food critic is coming to review the food and before she knows it she has no choice but to ask Derrick Jones to fill in. It turns out Derrick Jones is an incredible Pizza chef; he is also nice and teaches Sally Sampson who she really is.


As you can see the film not only features Pizzas but it also involves a Doctor. I’m happy to change the name of Dr Jones to Oetker if that is better for you. There is a lot of opportunity for product placement here. I hope you will consider this seriously, me Grant and Erika all dress quite well and have good style which sometimes means people think we are doing well but the truth is we can’t do this without you, or Goodfella’s. Below is a picture Grant made so you can visualise this project as a reality. If you are interested don’t hesitate to call. I own an Iphone 4s but I’m nearly due an upgrade.


All the best

Babak Ganjei